HCD Economics research supports this emphasis on the patient

EAHAD 3-5 February – https://eahadcongress.com

After careful consideration, the EAHAD 2021 Organising Committee decided to make EAHAD 2021 Congress a fully virtual event. From Wednesday this week, EAHAD are committed to creating an excellent virtual learning experience, continuing to bring high quality scientific content to members and partners in Europe and around the world, in a safe and accessible manner.

The European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders (EAHAD) is a multi-disciplinary association of healthcare professionals who provide care for individuals with haemophilia and other bleeding disorders. EAHAD members include haematologists, internists, paediatricians, nurses, physiotherapists, laboratory scientists and researchers from across Europe. The programme reflects this diverse audience. The busy Poster and Satellite Symposia programme, reflects the valuable commercial investment by researchers from across the pharmaceutical industry in optimising treatment for haemophilia.

A consistent theme emerges across the four-day satellite programme. The theme is the importance of patient-centric research, particularly in terms of individualised treatment and long-term implications for patients receiving gene therapy.

HCD Economics is a research company, committed to investigating and publishing evidence of the burden of haemophilia by drawing upon real world data, contributed by patients in large studies conducted globally. In addition, HCD Economics’ involvement in the WFH Gene Therapy Roundtable series, plus prior research on problem joints as a patient relevant outcome highlights our mission aligns with EAHAD, who states as one of their objectives as ‘measuring and addressing the problems of people with haemophilia and allied disorders in Europe, to protect their interests, and to ensure the provision of the highest quality of care available’.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to present current research at EAHAD 2021 and continue supporting EAHAD objectives.

For more information on the work presented at EAHAD 2021 and our current planned research in haemophilia – please contact Alison Rose at Alison.rose@hcdeconomics.com.